Preserving cultural heritage provides a sense of identity, a link to our past, strengthens local communities and can support conflict prevention and reconciliation.

Afghanistan history and archaeology stretches back more than 40 millennia. The people, monuments, archaeological sites and literature all bear witness to the multiple layers of an extraordinarily rich and diverse cultural heritage.

There are several monuments identified by UNESCO and the Afghan community as being of worldwide significance have either been destroyed or continue to be at risk of collapse because of a combined lack of both resources and expertise to ensure the provision of the necessary emergency conservation and safeguarding measures.

With the supporters of our partners, such as Prince Claus Fund (PCF)/CER, we provide emergency response to protect cultural heritage in risk of collops, strengthen the linkages among local community-based and civil society organizations and educate on the value and importance of protecting and safeguarding cultural heritage. We also provide knowledge and skills to local communities to enable them to preserve and safeguard their cultural heritage in times of crises and emergencies.

Afghanistan has a very rich and diverse cultural heritage. Helping to protect its history and identity is one of our top priorities. We provide knowledge, skills and tools to preserve and safeguard cultural heritage.


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