With your support we can build a strong foundation for responsible waste management and a climate-resilient in Afghanistan.

The effects from decades of war in Afghanistan have left the country facing severe environmental challenges. The natural resources and ecosystem functions are rapidly being degraded by uncontrolled water extraction, overgrazing and deforestation. Droughts, floods, changing rainfall patterns and other extreme weather events put especially vulnerable communities at risk.

Among these issues is the inability to treat and dispose of municipal solid waste and sewage, which is aggravated in urban areas due to the rapid increase in population.

The large amounts of solid waste accumulated on roadsides, back yards, drains, rivers, and open places represent a significant environmental hazard contributing to urban flooding, water contamination and increases of diseases. The lack of information of the population to handle waste and chemicals makes it all more problematic.

Health problems caused by environmental problems throughout the country include malnutrition, respiratory diseases and asthma. In Kabul alone, the residents use 4 tons of plastic bags and 3 tons of disposable plates and water bottles every day, where 13 million tons of plastic are thrown into the rivers every year which drastically affects the underwater life. 13 million tons of plastic are thrown into the rivers every year.

We are working to improve access to climate information and help to build a strong foundation for responsible waste management across the country, facilitating and strengthening young leads and civil societies to unlock bottom-up solutions that deliver lasting impacts in their communities.


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Building Civic Action to Protect Environment

We are a member of the World Cleanup movement, organising trash cleanup campaigns, by mobilising the local communities, municipalities and civil society across the country to both clean trash and bring awareness and educate the communities about social, economic and environmental benefits of waste management. These events also promote changes in people's habits as a citizen for their active engagement in protection of the environment in the community, village and city.

We also trained the youth to be changemakers in their society and educate their respective communities on trash management and also about their role in creating a clean environment for their society. In the past years with the technical support “Let’s Do It World NGO” we have mobilised thousands of volunteers and stakeholders to be part of the action


volunteers have participated in the cleanup campaigns across the country since 2013.


youth and members of civil society have been trained and are actively engaged in educating their communities.

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Climate Change Education and Awareness Raising

We intend to build the resilience of local communities and reduce climate change vulnerability and improve practices to face climate change-induced risks to water resources. BRD trains local communities and relevant officials techniques and strategies and raises public awareness through national campaigns targeting the general public schools regarding climate change impact and adaptation lessons.


people have been trained.


benefited from the improved services delivered by trained participants.

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