Help us to develop sustainable livelihoods in Afghanistan’s most vulnerable communities.

Afghanistan’s economy is fragile and aid-dependent. The private sector is extremely narrow, with employment concentrated in low-productivity agriculture. The UNDP estimates that 71% of Afghans live in rural areas, with nearly 90% of this population generating the majority of their household income from agriculture-related activities.

The decades of conflict have held back development of the agriculture sector. The region is semi-arid and highly dependent on irrigation and water availability and most production of crops and livestock are utilized for self-consumption.

Droughts, floods and changing rainfall patterns have further aggravated the situation, affecting especially smallholder farmers and widespread poverty across the country.

Agriculture is crucial for food security in Afghanistan and can drive down poverty. We take a multi-faceted approach addressing sustainable land and water management while strengthening the capacities of communities to respond to climate change.


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Improve agriculture productivity

We train small farmers to sustainably improve crop and livestock production techniques, particularly in regions where water is scarce. Through our program, we have also helped small farmers to participate actively in local community associations, strengthen their bonds with community leadership and improve management of their natural resources.


people on farm water management and modern agriculture were trained.


hectares of land in 63 communities have been benefited.

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Build capacity to improve watershed irrigation

Through this program we work closely with a range of local institutions, including shuras (traditional and local councils), mirabs (individuals responsible for irrigation water management in a community), cooperatives, and civil society to build community-based water associations.

We promote sustainable techniques to conserve, protect and improve their natural resource management, focusing on watershed management, irrigation, and reducing soil erosion.


farmers and members of Irrigation association were trained.


irrigation/water user associations established in Bakh and Nangarhar provinces.

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Empower women to have kitchen garden

Running a kitchen garden will help Afghan women to supply nutritious homegrown food for her family and potentially sell the excess produce in the market for some income. We provide gardening training, supplying vegetable seeds and fertilizers for a period of 6 months. We help to empower Afghan women with culturally appropriate and sustainable skills, which could eventually yield financial support for her family.


women have participated in the program in Nangarhar.

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Build capacity of women entrepreneurs

To advance capacities and economic opportunities of aspiring women entrepreneurs. We provide training for women in business planning, business development, marketing, and beekeeping. As a parallel and supporting initiative, we help to organize exhibitions to support the small entrepreneurs to showcase their businesses and build market linkages.


women entrepreneurs are provided with the skills and capacity to establish, manage and expand their small business.


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