Raise awareness and increase knowledge on the situation of human rights and development in Afghanistan in Sweden and EU at large:

BRD as rights-based organization and part of Swedish civil society will continue to be engaged and awareness raising on the situation of human right and development in Afghanistan, through improved communication through its social media platforms, organization events and information sharing through participation in the relevant meeting, seminars and conference both in Sweden and EU in order to generate more support for improving human rights and development in Afghanistan.BRD has completed a comprehensive communication strategy and developed and action for outreaching to a broader audience. Effective communication with key actors and donors will facilitate better relation with BRD existing donor and partners within EU and can also create new opportunities for partnership and collaborations.

Engaged in policy advocacy and lobbying concerning human rights and development in Sweden and other key platforms within EU;  

BRD is actively engaged and lobbying and advocacy as part of the Swedish civil society to increase support and encouraging more resources for addressing the key challenges in the way of human rights, peace and security and development in Afghanistan.

BRD has been actively participated  in the civil society consultation process for the new 4 years strategy (2020-2024)  for Afghanistan by the government of Sweden, organized by the Swedish Ministry of Foreign Affairs, Swedish International Development Agency (SIDA) and Folk Benedetti Akademy (FBA). BRD has provided its key inputs from the organization prospective in Afghanistan.

BRD will soon join the CONCOD Advocacy Platform through which BRD will have access to the European Union. BRD is also engaged in advocacy and lobbying in Geneva, recently we have been engaged with ISHR and other key players for providing civil society prospective in the criteria and activities for the recruiting special reporter on Human Rights Defender.