The current intensified conflict and the deteriorating security conditions in Afghanistan, has caused significant reduction and fluctuation of in the country  funding for NGOs. This has also had an impact on BRD programs, which resulted a significant reduction of our activities and services. The current external trends have had major consequences for NGOs with regards to funding. Specifically, with the economic crisis set to continue, we can expect structural changes in the NGO sector as funding becomes scarcer and more competitive. Today more than ever, NGOs find that traditional funding sources are often insufficient to meet the growing needs and rising costs in programs.

Furthermore, increased restrictions imposed on many grants and donations, along with the uncertainty of these funds over time, make it difficult for NGOs to do long-term planning, improve their services or reach their full potential. The following strategies will be employed over the 2018-2021 Strategic Plan period:

To increase access to more funding opportunities, we need to raise knowledge about our organization’s accomplishments and key competencies in order to strengthen our competitive position for grant funding.

To allow us to deliver effective, high quality programs, we will continue to seek to diversify our funding base, with an emphasis on long-term grants. We recognize the value of working in consortia and partnership with other organizations; further increase to networking both at the national and international level will create opportunities for more collaborations and partnership with other organizations and stakeholders.

BRD  Sweden with fundraising functionality is responsible for marketing and fundraising in Sweden and Europe. This will include lobbying and advocacy to the key Official Development Assistance donors for more funding to CSOs and Afghanistan, which facilitate BRD access to funding from institutional donors and individual donations.