Humanitarian Crisis Support
We provide food assistance to those who need it most. 14 million people in Afghanistan have been identified as food insecure, including 550,000 who have been displaced by conflict since the beginning of 2021.
Sustainable Livelihood
More than 80% of the population is dependent on agriculture as their primary source of income. We promote sustainable techniques to improve farming and watershed irrigation Management.

Strengthening Human Rights
We work to mobilise, organise, enhance knowledge among Afghans and international organizations to bring development cooperation, humanitarian action, and help toward building peace.

Cultural Heritage Protection

Afghanistan has a very rich cultural heritage. Helping to protect its history is one of our top priorities. We provide knowledge, skills and tools to preserve and safeguard cultural heritage.

Photo of people participating in the cleanup event in Afghanistan
Environment & Climate Change
Afghanistan faces several environmental challenges. We educate youth about the climate action agenda and waste management, so they can become climate leaders in their communities.

Education and Training
We help the most vulnerable children to access school. We also identify alternative pathways for learning and increase professional education. An estimated 3.7 million children are out-of-school in Afghanistan.