Speaking out Against Family Violence: Media Awareness Raising Program

The project provided a range of media and social programming activities and outputs that raised issues of family violence and attitudes towards family violence in locally relevant and engaging ways. Through the use of both ‘creative’ and public affairs-format media, the engagement of well-known personalities and community members, and responsiveness to the differences in drivers and forms of family violence in different parts of Afghanistan.  Under the project a multi-dimensional and locally relevant activities have been implemented which addressed this critical human rights issue and its impact of Afghan women and society at large. A total of 144 radio programming segments generated including: 48 interview programs produced and disseminated (24 in Dari and 24 in Pashto);48 panel discussions conducted and broadcast bringing together 150 key local figures who have legitimacy, authority and influence in the community; 48 radio dramas produced (24 in Dari and 24 in Pashto); 5 local journalists’ workshops conducted providing family violence and human rights training to 75 journalism professionals and civil society communications staff;Based on current radio listenership, a minimum of 22.6 million people have been exposed to the various project media outputs discussing and exploring family violence and violence against women ;