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Sensitisation, Raising Awarness and Train Civil Society and Communities

In fragile states such as Afghanistan with on-going conflict, where most of the tangible and tangible and intangible cultural heritage are remained in acritical high risk, in such a context the communities, civil society have an important role to play to preserve and safeguards culture heritage in their respective villages and districts. If they are sensitized and educated on the value and importance of the cultural heritage and provided with basic skills on protect culture heritage in high risk. BRD already adopted a community- approach to preserve and protect culture, by  sensitizing and educating local communities on the importance of culture heritage as national identity, their role and responsibilities as key stakeholder, for taking proactive role in safeguarding all aspects of the rich Afghan culture heritage, which serve as a source of history and identity for future generations and as a platform upon which to build a culture of peace and sustainabledevelopment. –  Community approach for protecting and safeguarding cultural heritage; mainstreaming community sensitization and education of local communities to take a greater role in safeguarding and protecting cultural heritage in their villages and districts through BRD’s community based natural resource management program implemented in Balkh and Ningarhar provinces of Afghanistan;