Promoting Afghan Civil Society Participation in the Universal Periodic Review Mechanism in Afghanistan

The project aims to support the building of a democratic, pluralistic society in Afghanistan through encouraging the development of a strong and viable civil society enabled to actively engage in protection and promotion of Human Rights using the national instruments and International Human Rights mechanisms. This will greatly contribute to improving the status of human rights and also ensure the implementation of government human rights obligations by enhancing the monitoring of the implementation of the recommendation made by the UPR Mechanism received by the government of Afghanistan. It will also strengthen the public’s voicing of complaints and concerns about the human rights abuses and enabling Civil Society Organizations (CSOs) in fulfilling their broader role in keeping government accountable for promotion and protection of Human Rights. BRD in collaboration with Center for Civil and Political Rights (C-CPR) and International Service of Human Rights (ISHR) submitted alternative report on Afghanistan to the Committee on Economic, Social Culture Rights (ESCR) And Committee on Civil and Political Rights (CCPR)