Enhance capacity of Afghan Civil Society to Adopt and Promote Human Rights Based-Approach in Afghanistan

The project’s overall objective is to sensitize,  raise awareness and build the capacity of Afghan CSOs to adopt and promote  human rights based approach, and strengthen their advocacy and community mobilization efforts, to empower Individuals and communities to know about their rights and how to claim it and  participate in the  decisions which affect them, which will holds the local institutions   accountable as duty bearers to fulfil their obligation: to respect, protect and fulfil every right and facilitate access justice and improve public services.Specifically, this objective will be achieved through workshops to sensitize and improving awareness of Afghan CSOs, on human rights based approach, and provide them with  the necessary  skills, knowledge and tools to successfully adopt and promote human right based approach, in the target communities.  The project will contribute towards  (i) broadening capacity  of CSOs for major shift from need based approach to human rights based approach to empower individual/local communities as active rights holders instead of passive beneficiaries (ii) establish pool of CSO human rights  trainers, who in turn disseminate the gained knowledge knowledge and skills in their organisations/communities (iii)  enhance their capacity to engage in successful community mobilization and legal advocacy using HRBA. Enhance communication among local communities as the rights holders and local institutions as the duty bearers. (iv) strengthen the inter linkages and build partnerships between Afghan CSOs with respect to promotion of the rights-based approach.