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CSO Monitoring and Oversight of COVID-19 Spending

The first COVID-19 cases in Afghanistan were recorded in February in Herat province, which then quickly spread across the country within a month. As infection numbers soared in March in Herat, the country had difficulty tracking, testing, and isolating new cases. Despite the lockdown in major population centers, the number of cases has continued to surge upwards. This project focuses on developing innovative monitoring approaches that can be used at the national and provincial levels to conduct actual oversight of COVID-19 related responses and report the findings publicly to keep the government accountable to the public. BRD works with civil society and community change agents to help them identify COVID-19 related initiatives implemented by the national and provincial governments, which will be targets of citizen monitoring and oversight in the proposed project. The project will also identify the districts, municipalities, provinces, or national government agencies and sectors involved in COVID-19 spending and also identify service delivery gaps through increased citizen engagement and government collaboration. This project will support civil society organizations in three major provinces to assess gaps in COVID-19 spending at the sub-national level which prevents people from receiving the services they need and from addressing these gaps by providing information, facilitating accountability, and improving collaboration between governments and the people they represent.