Improve Agriculture Productivity

Afghanistan where over 75 percent of the country’s inhabitants living in rural areas and 85 percent of Afghan households depend on agriculture for their livelihood. The country remains one of

Build Capacity at Community-level To Improve Watershed/Irrigation Management

Through this project BRD aim to improve awareness and better understanding of the targeted communities on water law and watershed/ irrigation management and develop capacity of the farmers, community-based organizations

Build Capacity of Women Entrepreneurs to Manage Small Businesses

The main aims of this program is to advance capacities and economic opportunities of aspiring women entrepreneurs. Which to be  achieved through trainings for women entrepreneurs on business planning, business

Empower an Afghan Woman to Have a Kitchen Garden

The only way to help an Afghan woman is to empower her with culturally appropriate and sustainable skills, which could eventually yield financial support for her family. Running a kitchen

Vocational Training to a Vulnerable Afghan Youth

The number one killer in Afghanistan is not armed conflict but poverty. Education and vocational training are essential to economic development that will ultimately break the cycle of poverty. BRD