Human rights reflect universal values and belong to all human beings. Human rights are inalienable, indivisible and interrelated; rights cannot be taken away and different rights depend on and complement


A human rights based approach requires that the law recognises human rights and freedoms as legally enforceable entitlements, and the law itself is consistent with human rights principles.


Everyone is entitled to claim and exercise their rights and freedoms. Individuals and communities need to be able to understand their rights, and  to participate fully in the development of

Non-discrimination and equality

A human rights based approach means that all forms of discrimination in the realisation of rights must be prohibited, prevented and eliminated. It also means that priority should be given to


  Accountability requires effective monitoring of compliance with human rights standards and achievement of human rights goals, as well as effective remedies for human rights breaches. For accountability to be

Participation and Inclusion

Everyone has the right to participate in decisions which affect their human rights. Participation must be active, free and meaningful, and give attention to issues of accessibility, including access to