Demanding Accountability from Local Governance

The project aims to support the building of a democratic and pluralistic society in Afghanistan by encouraging the development of a strong civil society that is capable of addressing corruption

Anti-Corruption, Conflict Management and the Electoral Process

Enhancement of Competency of the Independent Election Commission and afghan NGOs in the fields of Anti-Corruption, Conflict-Management and Organization of theElectoral Process”; The main objectives of the project was to train

Gender Responsive Governance

The program objective was; To increase the active incorporation of women into municipal governance and local development processes, so that they can be an active part of decision making and

Good Governance Training Program

The project focused on training program on good governance and accountability for the Members of the provincial council and district development assemblies, Local government institutions in Nimroze Province. Developed training

Conflict Management for Afghan Civil society and Administration (CM-ACSA)

The ultimate goal of this project was to strengthen, improve, and increase the quality of participation in conflict-resolution dialogue among members of Afghan administration and civil society.The acquisition of better and