Climate Change Preparedness and Adaptability

The effects of climate change can be felt all around the world but Afghanistan is particularly affected. Communities are highly vulnerable to climate-driven disasters affecting crops and livestock due to

Policy Advocacy

A long-term approach of keeping the world without waste, the Let’s Do ItWorld Movement crated “Keep It Clean Plan” where the Let’s Do It Afghanistan as member of this movement

Digital Clean-up

BRD as part of the Lets Do World started to organize digital cleanup as alternative to physical cleanup from 2020. Digital Cleanup Day was born out of necessity to start

World Cleanup Day Campaigns in Afghanistan

BRD as part the World Cleanup movement (Lets Do World Clean-up), organizing cleanup campaigns day every year in Afghanistan. The team continued to mobilize volunteers and stakeholders and engaged them

Capacity Building for Civic Action

The purpose of the program   building capacities for the civic action is to educate and engage citizen and other stakeholders such as civil society, government institutions, private sector, media