The EU Global Diaspora Facility: Consultation – Northern Europe

As Diaspora engagement support BRD was part of an excellent two-day virtual consultation on Diaspora Engagement hosted by the EUDiF (an EU-funded project which aims to strengthen collaboration and engagement

Enhance the Capacity of Afghan Diasporas for Effective Engagement in Policy Advocacy and Development Coopration

The engagement of diasporas in relief, development and peace building,  during the protracted conflicts is considered an important element and added value to the development cooperation and  often have been

Lobbying and Advocacy for inclusion of Afghan Diaspora in Development Cooperation

BRD has already engaged in raising awareness of the decision makers on the added value of afghan diaspora in the development cooperation, such both at the government of Sweden such

Networking and Partnership Building Among of Afghan Diasporas

The Network of Afghan Diasporas in Sweden is envisaged to be a mechanism through which afghan diasporas in Sweden will be able to actively engage in development cooperation to contribute

The role of Afghan Diaspora in the Afghan Mechanism for Inclusive Peace Process

As per our engagement in Afghan Mechanism for Inclusive Peace (AMIP), BRD participated in the discussion organized by AMIP secretariat on the latest progress of AMIP activities since our last