Advocacy for Protection of culture heritage using Human Rights Based Approach

Using its rights based to protection of culture heritage BRD is engaged in advocacy at the national and international platforms to promote universality of the culture herniate and engage key

Rapid Assessment of Culture Heritage At Risk;

BRD through the support from the Prince Clause Fund and collaboration with the department of Culture Heritage conducted damage assessment mission of cultural heritages in Afghanistan: where 19 cultural heritage

Emergency Response to Protect Culture Heritage Sites at High Risk

According to BRD rapid assessment of the tangible culture heritage sites at high risk in diester prone provinces, supported by the Prince Clause Fund (PCF), most of the culture heritage site

Enhance Capacities Emergency Response to Cultural Heritage in Emergencies in Afghanistan

Cultural heritage in Afghanistan continues to be at risk of collapse due to the current intensified conflict, frequent disasters, and lack of both resources and expertise to ensure the provision