Community Engagement through Social Behaviour Change (SBC) and AAP

We are pleased to announce about our new partnership with UNICEF for implementation of community engagement, facilitation of the establishment of Accountability to the Affected Population (AAP) and community feedback

Starting A New Project in Afghanistan

BRD is pleased for starting new  project with aim to increase the level of awareness and knowledge of community leaders, local CSOs and CBOs  and their their effective engagement in

TEFAF Interactive Panel Discussions on Culture Heritage

In this panel of experts, Sanne Letschert, Head of Cultural Emergency Response (CER) reflects on these questions in conversation with CER’s partners, Khan Agha Dawoodzai ( BRD  Director  Afghanistan) and

BRD-Non-Stop Work for Preserving Culture Heritage in Afghanistan

BRD work on the emergency reapair and protection of Shah Faizulla Tomb, a historic culture heritage site located in Ningarhar province of Afghanistan continued. The  objectives of the project are

Diasporas Action for Afghanistan

From 15-16 May 2022, nearly 100 members of the Afghanistan diaspora, representing more than 70 organizationsincluding BRD, gathered in Brussels for a European Conference entitled “Diaspora Action for Afghanistan” to

Joint Statement on EU Response of Afghanistan Crises

Afghan diaspora organisations urge the EU to:  Scale up humanitarian aid; Support delivery of critical services; Support evacuation, resettlement & protection of Afghans in Europe; And  Ensure human rights.

Current priorities for an EU response to the situation in Afghanistan

As European NGOs working on asylum and migration and Afghan Diaspora organisations in Europe, we are alarmed about the situation in Afghanistan and concerned above all about the security of

BRD Resumed Culture Heritage Protection Program in Afghanistan

We are pleased to announce that our program on protection of culture heritage in risk, has been resumed, after 5 months delay due to fall of the government in the

Protection of Sultan Poor Chenne Culture Heritage Site

Under BRD program Emergency Response for Protection of Culture Heritage in Afghanistan, The Emergency repair and protection of culture heritage site of Sultan Poor Chenee, has been completed.

Community Training on Protection of Culture Heritage in Afghanistan

Under the community approach for safeguarding and protection of culture heritage BRD organised community training for members of local communities on the importance of culture heritage and their role and